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TG Coatings (Gold) CVD
(Chemical Vapor Deposition) coatings adhere deep into the substrate for better adhesion in this high-temperature process. This diffusion results in overall tougher inserts. The CVD process allows for much thicker coatings, creating better protection for the cutting edge and longer tool life. It also allows for multiple layers, so we can combine the strength benefits of different layers of coating materials. The multilayered coating works well to resist thermal-shocking. Our TG coatings are gold in color, and contain the following layers:

TiC Titanium Carbide for excellent wear resistance in low-speed cutting and excellent adhesion to the base material.

Al2O3 Aluminum Oxide for its Hot-hardness at high temperatures by resistance to oxidation. Excellent wear resistance in high-speed cutting.

TiN Titanium Nitride for the added lubricity.


1. TG-310 for continuous cutting in steels at High Speeds.
2. TG-320 for Medium Speed cutting in steels in continuous cuts and intermittent cuts.
3. TG-330 for Lower Speed cutting and intermittent Cuts in Steel and Stainless Steel.

TA Coatings (Gray)
PVD (Physical Vapor Deposition) are thin-film coatings and are done at lower temperatures. The lower temperatures are ideal for HSS and tool steels, but on carbide inserts the best advantage is the ability to apply a thin layer of coating to keep the edge sharp. Tool life may increase by 2-4 times versus uncoated inserts. This coating works well in hard to machine materials or in high heat applications. These coatings are the best suited for dry machining. The smoother application of PVD coatings reduces Built-up-Edge.

TiAlN Titanium Aluminum Nitride has excellent hot hardness which actually gets harder as it gets hotter. It provides excellent heat resistance and wear resistance.


1. TA-215 for Cast Irons, 300 Series Stainless, Non-Ferrous, Super Alloys and dry machining.

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